The Coffee People of India

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About Us

a legacy of 78 years

Evolution through hard work and innovation for more than 78 years.


The ultra-modern manufacturing process ensures the best retention of the aroma and flavour in coffee.

The Bean sourcing

The green beans are sourced from the high origin estates.

Quality Control

In-house lab testing for quality control from the source to the manufacture and all the way till it reaches the cup.


Roasted Coffee Beans for Espresso Machines

Roast & Ground Coffee Powder

Ready-to-drink Coffee.

Exotic Varities

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, Robust Coffee Royale, Mansoon Malabars, Organic Coffees

How we started
Coffee History

T.V.S. Murthy, the founder, was introduced to the coffee business by his family which started the coffee business in 1944, with a humble beginning and rose to success.

Origin of Coorg Coffee
Origin of Coorg Coffee

Coorg Coffee founded in the 1979. Sheer grit, sincere hard-work and application of new technologies has promoted Coorg Coffee to expand to new horizons.

Turning into an Industry
Transformation into an Industry

He transformed into an industrial enterprise in 1999 with a full-fledged factory setup, modern machines of manufacture, state of art packing.

Going Global
Going Global

B.S.Surya Prakash, the Chief executive- a master's in Engineering with training from the Coffee Board in quality control, expanded the business beyond the state boundaries, with distribution throughout the country and exports to USA and Australia.