The Coffee People of India

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We have a full fledged factory maintained under strict hygienic conditions as per IS:2491, with quality audits maintained with respect to Health and cleanliness.


International Standards

The Green Coffee beans are stored in a well-ventilated warehouse under strict hygienic conditions, with Pest control maintenances by professional agencies as required for a food industry to meet international standards


Modern Roasting

The green coffee beans are roasted in modernized manufacturing facilities, with fluid bed roasting for high retention of aroma and flavour, and Drum Roasting for Espresso Parlors with profile Roasting.



The Roasted Coffee Beans are milled in a Roller mill Grinder which ensures the correct grain size for the cup, and minimum/ or no heat generation during grinding resulting in maximum retention of aroma and flavor.


French Coffee: Coffee and Chicory mixture

Ribbon blenders ensures uniform/homogenous mixing of Roast and ground coffee with Roast and Ground Chicory. The Chicory roots and powder are sourced from the best sources of Jamnagar, Gujarat State, as per standards of IS:612, and meeting international standards.


State-of-art Packaging

The Roasted Coffee Beans are packed as per the requirements of clients in Vacumised and Nitrogen flush packs or Vacumised Brick packing (optional)


Extended Shelf Life

The factory takes great pride in the acquisition of State of the Art Packing for an extended shelf life beyond 1 year.
a) Vacumised Brick Packing in Chambers
b) Vacumised and Nitrogen (High Purity Nitrogen -HPN2- Food Grade Nitrogen) in specially manufactured machines.